By Josh LaVack

On behalf of the 8th grade basketball team we would like to say we are very pleased with our undefeated season. We would like to give a special "Thank You" to Coach Sayen who always knew what to say to get us back on track, to Renee Tannehill and Lindsey Gariepy for taking stats, and to the cheerleaders, parents and family who came to all our games to support us. One of the best highlights of the season was the game at N.I.C.E.. We were down by 6 at the half and our defense pulled us through by letting them score only 4 points in the second half. The team members are: Jeff Rushford, Greg Larsen, Josh LaVack, Jaris Goings, Mike Savola, Rick Bowerman, Josh Fulcher, Peter Kochis, Jordan Miron, Mike Sytek, Adam Spaulding, Randy White, David Dyer, and Nathan Wallner.

By Sarah Masters and the Members of K.F.E.C.

We would like to thank all the teachers and students who are helping with recycling. Everybody is being very conscientious. We hope everyone keeps bringing in papers. So far, our program is going great. By recycling we are helping the environment and becoming more responsible citizens.

By Natalie Luoma

On Tuesday, February 4th, K.F.E.C. members went on a skiing trip at Pictured Rocks. Everyone put on their skis and split up into three groups. One group took trails D and E. The other two groups took E, F, and G. It was a great day for skiing and the trails were in good shape. We all met back at the parking lot at 5:00 p.m. From the first time skiers to the experienced; we all had a great time. We all would like to thank Mr. Case, Mr. Ochman, Mrs. Luoma, Ms. Oatley, Jen Evans, and Mr. Evans for helping chaperone this trip. Without them, it would not have been possible. K.F.E.C. members plan to go on more fun trips like this in the future.


Congratulations to all Munising art students who helped decorate the U.S. Post Office for Christmas. Munising students won first place for the second consecutive year for the Best Decorations in our Postal District, which includes Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Mrs. Hach's elementary students made many of the decorations again this year, and Mr. Evans' seventh and eighth grade art students made decorations and decorated the lobby. Special thanks goes to Mrs. Masters and Mrs. Bowerman who supervised the activity.

By Mike Barney

This year, the K.F.E.C. held a snow snake race. Racing snow snakes is a traditional game found among tribes of the northern region of the United States and Canada. Ojibwa call them "shoshiman" or slipping sticks. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders from Mather Middle School's Kids For Environmental Causes group raced their hand crafted snow snakes in the Central School parking lot. We went for two categories, distance and accuracy. Most all K.F.E.C. members made the snow snakes but unfortunately not all were able to race. Shannon Lindquist's snow snake really caught the eye, she had done woodburning on it.

By Josh Gatiss and Kenda Holmes

Mrs. Fellow's fifth grade science classes went snowshoeing at Sandpoint. Ranger Dave Kronk guided our classes through the three water speck trails and we saw animal tracks, a beaver dam, and figures made of snow that looked like snakes. It was funny when people fell down but nobody got hurt. We had a really fun trip.

By Randi Webster, Cassie Heyrman, and Rawan Shannak

Mrs. Behning's fifth grade social studies classes are sponsoring a snow dog to be presented at Marquette's Winter City Forum. Students were asked to bring items to class that represent Munising to put in a saddle pack on a stuffed snow dog. This will be sent with a delegate to take home and present to a classroom for their hometown. We hope they enjoy our information that we have given to them.

By Joey Stangel, Brian Roberts and Elizabeth Ochman

Mr. St. Ours and Mr. Peiffers came to our class and taught us about sea lampreys and all kinds of exotic fish. We watched a movie about the sea lamprey. The movie had a lot of stuff about the lamprey. We got to hold the sea lamprey and it would suck on our hands. Everybody liked it when they came to our class.

By Christine Kalis and Joe Limon

Ranger Dave Kronk came to our science class to teach us about the water cycle. We learned that even though we are not close to water we can still harm or poison it. You can poison or harm water just by doing a day's work in a factory. The smoke that is made from the factory goes up into the earth, forms a cloud, and comes back down as acid rain which can kill the plants, water plants and trees. He said you can help our water cycle by not putting so much smoke or poison such as pesticides in the air. Please help us in our fight for cleaner water.

By Hannah Howard and Scot Rushford

This winter, in December, the fifth graders helped collect food, blankets, toys, etc. for the animal shelter. We wanted to help our community so we did this. The kids who helped bring in things got their picture taken. We all hope the animals enjoy it all.

By Emily Maslo and Tim DeMenter

Recently, Mather Middle School 5th graders had an ice skating party. This was a reward to the kids who handed in their assignments on time and had good behavior in school. They went on a Wednesday, after their lunch (at 12:00). They got ready for their party. They were so excited. When they got on the ice they loved it. All of them could skate very well. Some could skate backwards and do turns. Everybody could skate. People skated in groups or separate from each other. They skated in circles, in lines, they skated everywhere. They were skating for two and one half hours. It was great. Everybody had a good time. They loved it.

By Christina Barney

In December, right before Christmas break, we had a snowflake activity where the Student Council members made snowflakes and wrote everyone's name on it. The students had to find their names and everyone received a candy cane.

In January, we had to cancel the dance due to bad weather. We are tentatively planning to have the dance on March 21st. Another upcoming event is having students wear appropriate pajamas on a certain day. We will also be having our annual 7th & 8th grade Girls vs. Boys basketball game in April.

By Alex Johnson and Ralph Matekarich

The fifth grade Spelling Bee started off with all three classes. Within the first two weeks, we went from everyone to two people per class. In our class, it was Alex Johnson and Ralph Matekarich. In Mrs. Morrison's room it was Anthony Vanderschaegen and Lyndsay Mercier. In Mrs. Behning's room it was Daren Eiseman and Chelsea Cabanaw. On February 7th, those six people competed against each other. There were two people left; it was Alex Johnson and Anthony Vanderschaegen. Sadly, Ralph got out, but Alex and Anthony were really happy they were moving on to the districts which will compete against Marquette, Superior Central, etc. The districts will be held here in Munising. We wish Alex Johnson and Anthony Vanderschaegen good luck at the districts!

By Mike Ramsey

Mrs. Dusseault's sixth grade class has a new student teacher. Her name is Mrs. Sue Fisher. She is a student teacher from Northern Michigan University. She will be here at Mather until April 30th and will be graduating from N.M.U. on May 3, 1997. Mrs. Fisher lives in Munising. She has been married for 22 years and has two kids, Dayna and Nick. Dayna is 19 and attends N.M.U.; Nick is a junior at Munising High School. Mrs. Fisher is looking forward to teaching in Munising Public Schools and will be happy teaching any grade.

The Mather Middle School sixth grade students will be starting a candy bar sale on Friday, February 21st. Candy bars will be sold for $1.00 with the profits going towards the sixth grade science camp this spring. We hope our parents will help to support their efforts by purchasing a candy bar!


The Munising School Public Library will be offering another Internet Training Class on Wednesday, March 19th, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Shawn Andary will be coming from the Internet Training Center at Peter White Public Library to facilitate this session. This is open to the public. Please stop in or call 387-2125 to register ASAP as a limited number of seats are available.


Daniel Lindquist, 7th grade student, won the school level competition of the National Geography Bee on January 10th and a chance at a $25,000 college scholarship. The school level bee, at which students answered oral questions on geography, was the first round in the 8th Annual National Geography Bee which is sponsored by National Geographic World and Chrysler Corporation. Daniel took a written test in which up to 100 of the top scores in each state will be eligible to compete in our State Bee on March 29th. The National Geographic Society will provide an all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. for state champions and their teacher-escorts to participate in National Geography Bee National Championships on May 28 & 29. The 1st place national winner will receive a $25,000 college scholarship; the second place winner, a $15,000 scholarship; and the third place winner, a $10,000 scholarship.

By Matt Anderson and Blair Tweedale

This year, in 7th grade basketball, there have been some high points and some low points. Some low points are we only went 3-5 in the regular season, and we missed two games due to cancellations. Some high points are that we are starting to work more together as a team and learning more about the game. Probably the highlight of the season was when we came back to beat Gwinn (in Gwinn) for our first win. That really boosted our confidence and led us to win two of our next three games. Overall, the team has learned a lot about the game of basketball. The team would also like to thank Coach Mattson for his dedication. Even though he got frustrated a lot, he still had the patience to help us. The team members are: Andy Aho, Matt Anderson, Derek Bonevelle, Mike Eubanks, Rick Ferree, Peter Fleck, Brian Gariepy, Dustin Gerou, Ryan Graves, Stephen Harger, Ryan Hendrick, Colt Hinton, Mike LeGrand, James Lussman, Chris Maki, Michael Perron, Pat Shubert, Tim Shubert, Blair Tweedale, and David Underwood. The team will be participating in a tournament game on Wednesday, February 19th at the Westwood High School.


Halfway Day IV, held on February 14th, was a success. Hopefully this day provided a welcome relief from the routine and helped to make Mather an even more enjoyable place to be! Activities included a t-shirt design contest, poster contest, dress up contest, door decoration contest, trivia contest, and many afternoon activities for all students. Some of the winners were: Lynsey Walsh won $20 and a t-shirt for t-shirt design, Beth Ochman took 1st place in the poster contest, Miranda Eiseman 2nd, and Leslie Hines 3rd. Lindsey Erickson, Sherry Riordan, and Mr. Tom Derwin won prizes for best costume. Anthony Novielli took first place in the trivia contest, Adriana Dull 2nd and Dan Lindquist 3rd. Mrs. Dusseault won the door decorating contest, Mr. Evans 2nd and Mrs. Behning 3rd. The 8th grade beat the 7th grade in inter-class competition and the 5th grade won over the 6th grade. Everyone had a great afternoon. A special "thank you" goes to Mr. Feldhusen and Mr. Derwin who spent a lot of time and effort to make this a great day! Halfway Day prizes and supplies (approximately $500) are provided through the monies raised in the fall with our fund raiser.


The County Spelling Bee Competition was held on Wednesday, February 19th. Mather Middle School students competed at the Munising High School. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize these students: Alex Johnson, Anthony Vanderschaegen, Katie Haglund, Crystal Cabanaw, Sherry Riordan, Sarah Masters, Peggy Heyrman, and Stephanie LeVeque.

The following students won and will be competing at Gwinn on March 14th. Alex Johnson, Katie Haglund, Sherry Riordan, Sarah Masters, Peggy Heyrman, and Stephanie LeVeque. Congraulations and Good Luck!


The Mather Middle School will be recognizing the achievements of our students by having a Honor Roll Party for the first semester on Saturday, March 22nd, at the Munising High School. Students are invited for activities in the gym and pizza. The 5th and 6th grade party will take place from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. The 7th and 8th grade party will take place from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. Students will receive invitations from the office. We hope everyone can make it for this fun afternoon of activities.


Myth #1 The dating relationship is everything. Danger: Giving any other person your total time and energy puts them in a powerful position while isolating yourself and making yourself vulnerable to abuse.

Myth #2 Jealousy equals love. Danger: Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and mistrustfulness. Jealousy is control!

Myth #3 I'm needed. Danger: You are not responsible for another's happiness. You cannot fix what is wrong for another person. Only those who choose to help themselves can be changed.

Are you concerned about a friend, child or yourself?

There is now an Alger Office of the Women's Center open with office space at the Courthouse building. Dave Karbon and Joni Peffers will answer questions, give support, information, referrals or do presentations. Call them today at 387-4554 or 24 HR Crisis Hotline 1-800-455-6611. All services are confidential!


Attention teens, ages 12-17, Hepatitis B vaccine is available for this age group, free of charge, as long as supplies last at the Munising Medical Center. Vaccine that was supplied by the State of Michigan and not used for the Youth Health Screening Program is now available. Call the office of Dr. Olson and Dr. Fahrbach at 387-4220 for an appointment.


M.E.A.P. testing will take place between March 3rd and 14th at Mather Middle School for our 5th and 8th grade students. Both levels will be taking writing and science tests. The results of our fall 7th grade reading and math results have arrived. The percentage satisfactory for Mather and the state results are listed below.

		Mather	State	

Reading %	57.3	40.4
Math %	  	80.0	51.4

Seventh grade parents should have received the individual results for their son/daughter in the mail.

During the 5th and 8th grade testing period (March 3-14), parents can do many things to help their son/daughter do their best. Make sure they get a good night's rest, good breakfast, and encourage them to do their best.


Trooper Troy Fellows, who was our D.A.R.E. officer, has been promoted and will be moving downstate to assume his new position. We wish him well and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for a job well done.

Our D.A.R.E. program for sixth graders will continue however, Trooper Al Swearengin, from Marquette, will continue with the program. Thank you Trooper Swearengin for continuing with our program!


Students of Mather Middle School who are presently in 6th, 7th, or 8th grades are encouraged to apply for a partial scholarship to one of several summer camps. Two $200 awards are being offered by the Friends of Mather to students who have an interest in attending Michigan Technological University's Summer Youth Program, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Interlochen Arts Camp, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Summer Youth, or another camp offering instruction in music, art, or academic topics, subject to approval by the Awards Committee. Interested students may pick up application forms for the award competition in the school office. Each applicant is to write an essay on why he or she would like to attend the camp and what he or she expects to gain from the experience, as well as requesting a letter of recommendation from an adult. The deadline for application is Monday, April 14th.


Since our last newsletter, the boys' basketball season has come to an end. The 7th and 8th grade boys had a great season. Congratulations to those who participated. A big THANK YOU goes to Chris and Anne Case for running the concession stands and also to Meredith Case and Stephanie LeVeque for taking care of the 50/50.

At our last Friends of Mather meeting, Mr. Landfair gave us a tour of the new computer lab. We were very impressed. It's great to know that our students are staying on top of things and have the benefit from this technology. New software will be purchased for the computer lab in the near future.

Our next Friends of Mather meeing will be March 19th at 7:00 p.m. in Room 107. Please plan to join us. We would like to see more parents attend. Thank you.

Have a relaxing and rejuvenating Spring Break!

By Colleen Case and Sarah Harring

The Mather Middle School cheerleaders attended the Westwood Invitational in the Upper Peninsula. They competed with eleven different squads. They performed a two minute routine consisting of two cheers and a dance piece. They worked on the routine through most of the boys' basketball season and did a good job at the competition. The cheerleaders include: Sarah Harring, Melissa Long, Kristi Gill, Nicole Niemi, Colleen Case, Tara Knuttila, Holly Munger, Jessica VanLandschoot, Sandra Johns, Traci Froberg, Jennifer Blichmann, and Joleen St. Amour. Our squad worked extremely hard this season. On Mondays and Wednesdays we practiced from 3:15 to 6:30 p.m. with games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On behalf of the Mather cheerleading squad, we would like to thank Mrs. Moore for all the time and work she put into our squad. We really appreciate it.

By Valerie Killips

Odyssey of the Mind is a program in which students use their imaginations to solve various problems. Each group is given a series of problems in which they get to pick which one they want to perform. Each group meets at least once a week to work on their projects, or as many times as needed. Each group is granted $100 to spend on supplies. Some of different problems they are given are: Double Trouble, Heroic Proportions, Omerdroid, Balloonacy Cars, Classics Can You Dig It. The competition consists of two problems that were chosen. The other part is called spontaneous, which requires members of the group to brainstorm about a statement given by the judges. There are different divisions depending on age and grade. This program teaches you to work in groups, and to compromise with other people.

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